UN (Stuart Bowditch and Jon Kipps) invite artists and musicians to come together in new collaborations and create new work inspired by a series of UNexplored spaces.

Can you think of one piece of artwork that you really know? …REALLY know? Have you ever spent enough time with an artwork to really know it? Some things can only be realized with time. How long did it take for you to realize something about it you never noticed in the first instance? Was someone else’s reaction the same? How did it differ? What did you, and they, struggle with? What if someone was there to guide you through the piece? What if you were being guided not with words but with sounds? What would that change or accentuate about the piece? What space would be created? What if this all happened in a place you had never been to before? What if it happened in a place you would probably never return to either? What if every element of this equation was a one off?

The events will enable audiences to spend a short and intimate time in a space that has inspired the collaborative works they are experiencing. Taking place in undisclosed venues, the events are to be as ephemeral as the histories of the spaces they inhabit.

At the event all doors will be shut, mobile phones switched off and the artists are encouraged to make the most of a captive and undistracted audience.

This project has no funding attached. All the venues, sound systems, lights etc have been sourced for free. The events are purely about giving the opportunity for people to get to know an artwork and a sound piece, enjoy the relationship between the two and experience it all in a place that has a day to day function of neither gallery nor concert venue. Each event only takes an hour of your day and you will experience something genuinely unique.

There have been four events so far. More are anticipated in the future.