Modern Tendring Vernacular

A performance and an album made from donated, suggested and archive sounds collected from the Borough of Tendring. The project focused on the sounds of buildings or their use, that could be from municipal or religious buildings, industrial or maritime structures, public or private houses.

Several sounds were sent in, and more suggested, by members of the public. These were added to a selection from Stuart's archive and brand new recordings made in Harwich of the tide bell and inside the High Lighthouse (thanks to Geoff Pearson) to create the sound palette from which nine new tracks were made and performed at The Minories on March 7th 2024. The performance was supported by there are no birds here and was part of the First Thursdays Festival.

The project is funded by Creative Colchester's First Thursdays, and supported by Courier and East Anglian Noise Alliance.

13th June 2024 >> Sluice Vernacular, Two Brews, Colchester.
7th March 2024 >> The Minories, Colchester.