Resonants follows on from work conducted with deaf artist Damien Robinson, in which we investigated the resonant qualities of different materials to use in our tactile sound installations (see Vibe Cube, Signpost). This line of interest in accessibility to sound, and the varying ways in which we all experience things, stemmed from Damien's heightened perception of vibrations and gave us new ideas through which to experience (our) sound works.

Concurrently, my investigations into the resonant qualities of inanimate objects has been the focus of my musical output for several years, with releases and performances.

Resonants is the first time that these two trains of thought have been brought together, to discover the resonant qualities of objects, and for them to be displayed as installations where the vibrations and sounds can be experienced.

As an extension of these ideas, I have also worked on a number of collaborative performances with Jonathan Kipps. We have been experimenting with combinations of static sculptures, transducers, contact mics and different environments in which these collaborations can be experienced. We believe that by giving a duration to static artwork and introducing sound as a physical element, viewers will be able to gain a greater understanding of the object than if they had encountered it in an art gallery. In turn, there will be a heightened sense of the full depth of the soundscape due to the focussed environment created by the presence of a still object.


7th August 2017 - 12 Inch Polycarbonate Disc (Courier Sound)


10-13th November 2022 - Fonema @ Territory @ Lisbon Art Fair, Portugal.
26-28th August 2022 - Duration @ Cuckoo Farm Studios, Colchester
6th July 2018 - May Projects, London (with Jon Kipps)
19th April 2018 - Sonorities Festival, Belfast (with Jon Kipps)
30th October 2015 - PolyphonyX, Green Lanes, London
29th September - 3rd October 2015 >> Bear Pit Residency, Focal Point Gallery, Southend
26th June 2015 - News of the World Gallery, Deptford (with Jon Kipps)
24th June 2015 - The Outsider (with Jon Kipps), Prague Quadrennial
21st February - 22nd March 2015 - TAP Gallery Wall, TAP, Southend
14th April 2014 - Proscenium (with Jon Kipps), Camden People's Theatre, London
15th Nov 2013 - UNderstated (with Jon Kipps), University College London
12th Jan - 24th March 2013 - Resonants 2, TAP Gallery, Southend, Essex