Countless Edens

Countless Edens is a body of photographic work by Mark Edwards, made over the course of three years, in the house and garden of the writer Ronald Blythe. Both house and garden were formally the house of Blythe’s close friend, the painter John Nash. Countless Edens draws upon the rich English landscape traditions of both literature and painting. The pictures depict a garden that was initially planted by Nash when he first moved to Suffolk in the mid-forties. The garden was established in order to supply source material for both his paintings and illustrations. He bequeathed the house, situated on the Suffolk/Essex border, to his close friend, the writer Ronald Blythe. Blythe lived there until the end of his life, and continued to cultivate and attend to the garden. This intimate space, and the landscape beyond, forms the fulcrum to much of his writing. The interior photographs extend this discourse to allow the viewer to examine the relationship between Nash and Blythe through objects, possessions and personal motifs that also allude to the paintings and writing of both. Viewed as a body of pictures, the photographs contribute to the work of both painter and writer in a response to place and history. With Ronald’s encouragement, Mark Edwards began to explore the outdoor and indoor space. The exhibition includes a sound recording made at Ronald Blythe’s garden by sound artist Stuart Bowditch.

1st - 21st June 2024 - Benham Gallery, Cuckoo Farm, Colchester
11th January - 11th February 2024 - The Minories, Colchester
15th September to 15th October 2023 - Primeyarc, Great Yarmouth. Curated by originalprojects.