Part of the InSite public arts programme run by Francis Knight for Medway Council, Christopher Sacre is a visual artist specialising in sculpture, he was paired with Stuart Bowditch a recordist, artist and musician specialising in sound.

​During their research time Christopher and Stuart led a series of walks around the Rochester Riverside development site gathering contributions from participants on the sights seen and the sounds heard, which has informed a detailed map of the site and surrounding area.

Their project 'Aperture' is an ear trumpet and and eye lens, one end for listening and one end for looking through.  With an accompanying map (available from the local shops and library) of 15 locations indicated by yellow place marks, the public are guided to vantage points to explore the site.

Work was available to the public on Rochester Riverside between 20th June - 15th August 2015 with some installation components remaining until 2019.