I'm a supporter of blockchain and smart contract technologies that empower and transform the lives of ordinary people.

I have also minted a small collection of NFTs which will be continually expanded over time. If you're worried about the CO2 emissions of supporting the NFT market place, here's what I have worked out regarding my own personal position:

1 x NFT transaction using $ETH = approx 40kg of CO2 (source)
1 x Quintessentia NFT = $ETH 0.1 which at the time of publishing equals £355 (November 2021)

In my current employment, to earn £355 would necessitate 3.22 journeys to work and back. My car CO2 emissions are 141g/km and a round trip to work is 140km totalling 19.74kg of CO2, multiplied by 3.22 trips equals 63.56kg.

Therefore if I was to earn a living from making NFTs I would be able to do so by cutting my CO2 emissions by approximately 30%. There is obviously more that could be done here but it would be a step in the right direction.

There are other ways that I could cut my emissions (getting a job nearer home etc) and general impact on the world and I'm always looking to improve the situation so I'm happy to chat about these via the usual channels.

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