Hybernation > Thirty

A thirty minute track made from thirty donated objects in 30 days and performed live at Recluse @ The Flea Pit, Hackney on 5th December 2009. Presented on a 5" CD which is housed in a folded poster designed by James English and released on FBox Recordings.

'Thirty is a collaborative and experimental sound work, between artist Stuart Bowditch (Hybernation) and the Recluse Experimental event.

Recluse is a monthly event dedicated to divergent live performers who traverse the musical tightropes between the analogue and the digital, the past and the present. Specialising in showcasing performers too idiosyncratic to fit into any one genre, Recluse events offer performers and the audience with an open-minded event characterised by stylistic variation and live vitality.

The three organisers of Recluse, Katie English, James English, and Alex Monk, each chose 10 random objects, some musical, some non-musical, and took them to the Recluse event on 5th November 2009. Stuart then had 30 days to create a 30 minute sound piece using only these objects, which he performed at the next scheduled event on 5th December. Both events took place at the Flea Pit on Columbia Road, East London.

Thirty donated objects:

Tesco's carrier bag, small paper bag, shaker, wooden flute/recorder, piece of meccano, rubber band, pencil, walkman, cassette of the Pixies and case, scissors, lightbulb, small tray, spoon, woodblock, toy car, broken handle, clock mechanism, spool, piece of wood, cardboard roll, tuning fork, candle, hand drum, bolt, ruler, Jews harp, shell, bell, plastic roller.'