Hybernation > Object Studies - Metal

Album of 7 tracks all made from metallic objects presented on 5" CD housed in a selection of 3 different covers with etched and hand printed covers (printed by Lee Sullivan on the Intaglio Press used to create track 2).

'Stuart has been recording and sampling objects since the start of his Hybernation project in 1999, after becoming tired of familiar electronic sounds, plug-ins and presets. Early tracks, such as on Snow Cover (Rednetic Recordings) and Interduvet Yarns (both released in 2007) used objects to create beats and rhythms, that as a drummer, Stuart could not recreate using just four limbs. As he delved further exploring the resonant tones of objects, these increasingly became melodic and textural components. This can first be heard on tracks from 'E2 & E8' (Cotton Goods, 2010) where Stuart combined them with location-based recordings, and on 'Thirty' (FBox Records, 2012) a recording of a live performance using 30 donated objects.

Object Studies takes this a step further by using just one object to create each track. Sounds produced by objects are usually a by-product of their usage, so by concentrating and reducing them down to a resonant form tiny characteristics can be discovered. Stuart uses these to form a musical, harmonic response, turning the sound into something more purposeful and accessible. In this first collection, all of the sounds are made from metallic objects or components: Bridge 20 over the Lee Navigation, an Intaglio Press 'played' by Lee Sullivan, and earing belonging to Lucia H Chung, a Ring Bolt found at Landguard Fort, Cymbals player by Year 5 pupils at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School (Westcliff-on-Sea), a harmonic of G played on a mandolin by Ed Rome, and wind blowing over a Shoebury Railing.'