Hybernation > E2 & E8

8 track album inspired by field recordings made in the E2 & E8 postcode of East London in 2008/9, released by Cotton Goods and presented on a 5" CDr housed in a bespoke hand assembled cover made from recycled materials and featuring a fold out map of the area text and images relating to the body of work. Edition of 100.


1. Lock 7
2. Columbia Road
3. Haggerston Park
4. E2
5. Cars on the 7th Floor
6. A London Field
7. Washing Machine vs Dishwasher
8. A Forgotten Patch

Circle Mix

'The premise of the Circle Mix is to end up where you began, so I take you on a journey around the E2 & E8 postcodes of East London, taking in all the locations where I made the field recordings which inspired the tracks on the new album.

In walking the route (70 minutes) you also pass the houses of several other musicians that live in the neighbourhood, so some of their work has also been incorporated into the mix.

Many thanks to all involved: Craig at Cotton Goods, ambient.space, Home Normal, Second Language, FBox Records, Paul at the Flea Pit, Katie, Mark, Antony, Ollie and Ben at Arctic Circle.'