Bowditch / Kipps > Proscenium

A 20+ minute improvised track made from a live feed of Jon Kipps' sculpture 'Proscenium' and presented as a limited edition of 60 tapes all housed in unique hand made sculptures by Kipps.

In May 2014 Kipps had a solo show in the display window spaces of Camden Peoples’ Theatre. The Exhibition’s title ‘Proscenium’ referred to the part of a theatre in front of the stage and as an extension of the exhibition Kipps invited Bowditch to collaborate on a performance inside the theatre space itself.

Using a set up of contact mics and transducers, Bowditch managed to find a sound unique to one of Kipps' sculptures. With no need for speakers, the vibrating sculpture produced an audible note, which Bowditch then used as the sole sound source for a responsive performance. The sculpture was static and centre stage, with Bowditch performing at the side. By accompanying the sculpture with a soundscape they created a deeper, more contemplative relationship between the audience, the artwork and the sound.

The Proscenium cassette (with download code) features a recording of this performance and includes B-side remixes by Gagarin, John Hannon and Wil Bolton.