Bowditch > Belongings

Limited edition (20) mini CD in a bespoke arigato pack with two inserts, a sticker and a decal on the disc. Released on Courier.

For around a year after Stuart Bowditch moved to London in November of 2008 he worked on a new body of work which came to be released as 'E2 & E8' on Cotton Goods in 2010. During this time a few things were left, stored, kept at the space where he was staying, ambienttv. For a few days he sampled these objects that all belonged to others and made this small collection of tracks.

Ensuing demo submissions were unsuccessful, the files stored on a hard drive and interest in the project buried under a pile of new ideas. However, whilst moving house in 2017 a CD marked 'Belongings' fell out of a pile of discs and the project remembered again. A search among hard drives revealed that although a word doc with the track names remained, no audio or list of objects could be found.

The audio from the CD has been mastered by Ed Rome at Slam Door Studios and presented here with images of belongings found at his current place of residence belonging to Joe and Charlotte. The shelf was made by Jon Kipps.