Bowditch > Alchemy 4

Limited edition of 50 mini CDr's housed in a bespoke arigato pack made from recycled card stock and cut by Nick Dawson. Also included in each pack is a unique 'artwork' made from road cone reflector material, two inserts and a Courier sticker.

Alchemy 4 was created for the exhibition of the same name which took place in the old Cooperative Bank in Colchester, Essex 23rd April and 10th May 2014, curated by Slack Space. The work is made entirely of sounds found in the 30 room building and was installed as a loop playing on an in-car DVD player displaying subtitles describing the sounds heard.


1. Fire Alarm Bell
2. Cooperative
3. Transaction
4. Waiting
5. Offices


'Alchemy 4 by Bowditch is a series of pieces created for an exhibition in Colchester, Essex. Comprising entirely of sounds found in one particular building, Alchemy 4 is a work that conveys an alienating sense of place. Listen for the way that the sound of fire alarm bells, typically used in an entirely practical purpose, has been turned on its head in an oddly beautiful way' - Norman Records