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12" Polycarbonate Disc forms part of Stuart's ongoing investigations into the resonant frequencies of objects. Some works are presented as installations (Resonants 2, UNderstated [both 2013], TAP Gallery Wall, PolyphonicX [both 2015]) where an array of electronics is attached to enable the objects to play the sounds of themselves. Some works have taken this a step further, most notably in collaboration with Jon Kipps (Proscenium [2014], The Outsider, Monument [both 2015] where the sound of a Kipps' sculpture is used as a feed for an improvised live performance. In this new work, the resonant frequency of a blank polycarbonate 12" disc was sampled and used to create a musical composition which was then lathe cut back onto one side of the blank disc.

1. 12" Polycarbonate Disc
2. 12" Polycarbonate Disc (source)

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